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8 fire needles set

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For a strictly decorative purpose, or historical lesson function.

This product does not comply with a therapeutic use.

These needles, made of tungsten, were white heated beyond a flame back in the ancient practice of TCM. Then the practicioner was jabing the patient skin immediately without leting the needle get colder.

The fire needle was use to improve the blood and Qi flows, to heat and unblock meridians, surroundings tendinous/muscular pains, abscesses, furuncles, varicose vein ...

8 needles set :






-1x40 (flat point) - Ping Tou

-0,47x40 (3 points) - San Tou

-0,40x20 (beveled head on 3 faces) - San Ling

The buyer of this product being awared concerning the limits of it purpose

(historical learning aim, decorative), Jingwei Shop decline any

responsability for any other function than the ones mentionned above,

these needles are not sterilised and don't comply to any CE standard.