Deliveries and Returns

Transport of your package


Any order not paid in advance cannot be shipped.

The delivery is done by the customer selection by So Colissimo or by carrier to the postal address indicated by the buyer at the time of order.

Deliveries are made according to availability and in the order of arrival of orders.

Delivery times are indicated as exactly as possible, but may vary depending on Jingwei Shop Company supply and transport possibilities.

The fixed delivery time exceeding may not result on claim damages, retention or cancellation of the order in process.

Jingwei Shop Company is released of its obligation to deliver in the case of a force majeure.

In any case, delivery on time can be made only if the customer is up to date of his payments of the purchased products and delivery costs.

The products are deliverable including delivery costs at the agreed location, following the agreement of Jingwei Shop Company.

In any case, the order travels at the risks and dangers of the buyer which must, in the event of damage or of lack, to make any necessary observation and to confirm its reserves by extra-judicial act or by LRAR (Letter Registered with Acknowledgement of Delivery) to the carrier in the THREE (3) days following the reception of the order.