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Needles stimulator, 6 outputs (12 needles). 

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140,83 €

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6 independant outputs that permit to connect up to 12 needles, 220V-50Hz or DC9 150mA working with the choice between electrical sector (sector transformer provided) and batteries (6 batteries 9,6V type R14 not provided). Pulsation frequency 1 to 100Hz, output voltage 70 +/- 10V. 

3 types of electrical pulses : alternating current, direct current or short circuit current (DD). 

Provided with needle connection cables and massage pads. 

This product complies fully with the applicable regulations, Ce labeled. 1 year warranty. 

This electronic equipment permit treatments with the chinese traditional medicine acupuncture by stimulation of the acupuncture points, and is also used for aural acupuncture. 

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